Gothic lettering does not have to follow traditional alphabet styles or so called Old English calligraphy. This example derives as much from an understanding of italic. It is my own style as much as any style.

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Sample Calligraphy Alphabet in a similar style

Quill Skill, Calligraphy by Denis Brown, 2004. Scroll down for descriptive notes
This image has been used by Wikipedia to illustrate western calligraphy.



The rhythm of quick upward flicks was here more valued than precisely ending strokes at the top of letters- the visible overlaps help portray the vigor of the moment of writing. A rhythm closer to italic pervades this Gothic lettering. The small capitals are also alive, since they were written with attitude. When one begins lettering, one is drawn to decorative styles an in so called Old English calligraphy but as soon as one starts to understand movement, fluency and gesture in writing, any calligraphy may gain more life.



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