Calligraphy & Celtic art by Denis Brown
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Sharpness in Calligraphy
A one day workshop with Denis Brown
Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Sharp, fine hairlines can enormously improve the quality of broad pen calligraphy. This class will help you achieve them. We'll will cover choice of papers, nib sharpening, use of gum sandarac and, last but not least, adjusting your touch in writing. The difficult task of writing solid white on black will be included.

Tools and Materials: Calligraphy dip-pens, with Brause or Mitchell nibs in a range of big and small sizes; a 3mm Brause nib is particularly recommended; black & white gouache paints , (I like Windsor & Newton Ivory Black and Permanent White; Dr. Martin's bleedproof white is also good, as is the Schmincke brand); palette & mixing brushes; pad of practice paper; a sheet of hot-pressed watercolor paper such as Waterford 90lb; a sheet of black Canson Mi-tientes paper; finely powdered gum sandarac; a cheap bristle paint-brush to be used for sandarac powder only, preferably with flat tip and about 1cm or 3/8" wide; a kneadable eraser (or "putty rubber"); a small Arkansas sharpening stone; Emery cloth, Crocus cloth, or fine wet/dry 200-600 grit. Also, bring a mortar and pestle if you have them.