Gothic Script
Calligraphy Workshop with Denis Brown
Duration: 2 or 3 days. Level: Beginner to intermediate
Max. 20 students

An introduction to Gothic and black-letter styles. Study of a simple Textura form will focus on pattern and space. Later, we'll progress to a freer Gothic writing and an exercise cutting Gothic letters in paper. An introduction to Gothic capitals will be included.

Gothic Calligraphy Workshop with Denis Brown

E is for Elmo. Denis with a quick demonstration made in front of children, composing a paper-cut Gothic letter along with the leftover paper. Germany 2011.

Student supplies: Square edged dip-pens, (Brause size 3mm & 4mm particularly recommended in addition to students own preferred brand); ink; ruler; two matching HB pencils and some masking tape to make a set of double pencils, also another pencil for ruling guidelines; pad of practice paper A3 size (11"x l7") or larger; gouache; palettes, mixing and loading brushes. A few sheets of a quality paper such as Arches Text Wove or BFK Rives. A large sheet of black or dark coloured paper. A sharp scalpel or utility knife. A cutting board (card back of a layout pad may be a substitute). A glue stick. Optional: These days many students find a smart phone with camera is a convenient way to photograph demonstrations to inform practice at their table.

Denis Brown writing Gothicized Italic

Even though students will practice less difficult forms, all will have a chance to witness advanced "Denistrations" using featuring swash-buckling (s)wordsmanship.

The term GOTHIC encompasses a wide range of styles, from marching Texturas to fluid Bastarda cursives and modern Gothicized Italics and hybrids. A 5-day extended workshop could cover several styles tailored to any specified level from beginner to advanced. Please contact me for further details if such a custom topic is of interest. Gothicized italic is a more advanced 2 day workshop.