Gestural flourishing

Gestural Flourishing
A one or two day workshop with Denis Brown
Level: Intermediate & Advanced. Max. 20 students

Flourishes are perhaps where calligraphy is at its most calligraphic. The spontaneous ejection from a letter stroke, accelerating into a freely written flourish, is a joy to perform and behold. We will look at simple flourishes and italic swash capitals, howevrer not merely as decorations but using vigorous dynamic strokes and the one-shot let it fly approach.

Tools and Materials: Broad edged calligraphy felt-tip markers, (particularly with large nib sizes); calligraphy dip-pens, (Brause size 1mm, 2mm, 3mm & 4mm particularly suggested in addition to students own preferred brand; also a pointed nib of any brand); ink; gouache paints; palette; mixing brushes; ruler; pencils; eraser; compass; plenty of 11"x17" paper for practice and optionally a sheet or two of better quality paper of your own preferred brand.




Flourished calligraphy by Denis Brown