Calligraphy by Denis Brown

Dangerous lines: Calligraphy with attitude

A two day workshop with Denis Brown. Level: Advanced

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Write it like you mean it! The workshop will focus on developing expression in calligraphy by adding dynamics of speed and pressure. Simply accelerating just as you take the nib from the paper at the end of a stroke can add a liveliness to formal and/or informal writing. Beyond techniques such as this, we'll explore a range of fast manipulated pen strokes that I have developed in free writing. Don't expect to master them in a couple of days, but take them home and practice them over a longer period. You will experience thrilling demonstrations that may be too much to take in during the workshop itself, but that may change your view of calligraphy. Over a longer period of practice I hope you'll find aspects from this workshop filtering into your own writing and helping it to be more lively.

The video below shows pen strokes taught in this workshop.
Students do not need to perform them so quickly!

a class worksheet
Detail from a class worksheet

In this class, calligraphy will be closer to sport than to meditation. Serious sports people practice a lot, and our training session will include 'target practice' with fast strokes, and rigorous coaching on aspects such as the ergonomics of arranging your tools, and manipulating the angle of the nib, and even the angle of the shaft of the pen.

Square edged dip-pens, and particularly a Brause 4mm nib, plus a range of any other writing tools (brushes, ruling pens, "cola" pens, droppers, etc); ink; ruler; pencils; pad of practice paper A3 size /11"x l7" or larger; a few large sheets of better quality paper; gouache colors; palettes; mixing and loading brushes. Also, (to make a cola pen): aluminum coke can or similar, scissors, spare pencil or a dowel for use as a penholder, masking tape.

cartoon of a Denis Brown Workshop
Cartoon by Bob Howe, with Denis portrayed as a screaming Celtic initial 'D'!
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