Celtic digital


Roots of
Modern Calligraphy:
from Celtic to Digital


A one day seminar with Denis Brown

Level: No previous experience necessary This is not a hands-on workshop but rather a chance to sit back and learn by watching.
Number of attendees only limited by available space.

An exciting and inspirational one day seminar discussing opposite sides of Denis Brown's work and influences.

Denis presenting in front of projected images

We'll begin with a state of the art digital slide presentation, showing fine detail in historic Celtic decoration and writing. You'll be shown detail that is easily missed in the most important surviving manuscripts; including the Books of Durrow, Lindisfarne and Kells. Modern work in Celtic style will also be shown, even work by Denis when he was a teenager. Live demonstrations of writing a Celtic hand and drawing Celtic illumination will follow.

Denis presenting in front of projected images

The afternoon session will comprise another multi-media slide presentation, this time focusing on power and energy in the history of modern calligraphy and art, and leading to discussion of Denis' own approaches. In dynamic demonstrations, Denis will explain his unique writing style with breathtaking fast strokes and complex pen twists making marks that burst with the energy used in their making.

Denis Brown presenting
Denis becomes one more animated animal amidst enlarged projections of his "Celtic Crittur flourishes" as they have been called in United States!

A final presentation/demonstration will show how computers can be used by a calligrapher. Denis' multi-media presentations themselves are a far cry from a boring old slide-show. Denis will reveal how he designs and prints his hand-worked limited editions, which will be available for viewing and/or purchase.

Presenting in front of projected HD video
Presenting in front of projected HD video.

Photos of Denis presenting by Vera Evstafieva and Marianna Oboeva, Moscow 2015.

Computer data projector, preferably supporting full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels); and audio amplification/speakers for connection to the presenters laptop computer.